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Mauritius oil spill: Fears vessel may ‘break in two’.


A Japanese ship, which crashed into the reef at the coast of Mauritius two weeks ago, is leaking oil into the ocean near Mauritius.

The oil spill is estimated to have released over 1000 tons of oil into the Indian Ocean. Authorities fear that the ship, which is showing cracks, may break in two and release even more oil.


As a result of the disaster, Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Kumar, has declared a state of environmental emergency.

It is the biggest environmental disaster Mauritius has ever faced. The oil spill is endangering the marine life, including coral and fish.


Mauritians, volunteers, and official agencies are putting in their best efforts to contain the oil spill. Many volunteers are making their own floating ‘booms’ to prevent the oil from spreading further. France has sent out specialist teams and equipment to aid the efforts.

Source: Greenpeace, Reuters, CNN, BBC.


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