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Russia, the first country to register a vaccine for Covid-19.

Russia became the first country to register a vaccine for Covid-19, making it the first official vaccine against the virus. The vaccine promises to provide lasting immunity against the virus, for up to 2 years. Putin claims that the vaccine is safe and passed all the necessary checks. One of his daughters is said to have already received the vaccine.
After two months of clinical trials, including human trials, Putin claims that the vaccine is effective and safe. The vaccine testing will enter its 3rd round of human trials soon.
Russia will first vaccinate front-line worker such as doctors and nurses, and is planning to do a mass vaccination in October.
There is skepticism surrounding the vaccine, specifically as clinical trials were rather short (2 months), and research data such as potential long-term effects are not yet made public.
Ps: Last month Russia was accused of using jackers to steal vaccine research by the United States, Canada, and the UK.
Pss: According to the CEO of the research lab behind the vaccine, the research data will be published soon on
Source: Euronews, CNBC, ABC news, BBC News.



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