Why Trump suggests delay US presidential election explained

Trump suggests delay US presidential election.


President Trump caused a stir when he floated delaying it. His reason: states are considering expanding mail-in voting options to provide Americans with a variety of ways to vote safely during the coronavirus pandemic. But Trump isn’t a fan. He said the trend will lead to “the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history.”


If so, Trump didn’t provide the evidence. There have been instances of mail-in voting fraud in the past. But to date, evidence of mail-in voting fraud is extremely rare, despite nearly one in four Americans reportedly using the system in 2016. The president himself has apparently voted by mail at least three times – and he wasn’t the only one in his admin either.


One recent study also found mail-in voting doesn’t benefit one party over another. It’s worth noting: Trump didn’t imply that he personally would delay the election – legally he can’t do that (only Congress can). But many on both sides of the aisle pushed back at the suggestion anyway. And some noted the US has never before delayed a federal election – even through wars and the Great Depression.


Over 180 million Americans will reportedly have the opportunity to mail in their ballots this fall. This produces real challenges for postal workers and election officials as they work to ensure all votes are counted. But it’s also an opportunity to expand voting accessibility and enable Americans to safely exercise their right to vote.

Why Trump suggests delay US presidential election


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